Learn How to Activate Your Flow State!

Or, as I like to call it, your Power Mode(!)..
..so you can achieve the results you want without distraction, whenever you want.

I've prepared a FREE Masterclass to help you Activate your Flow State, which is open for registration NOW!

Dig into your memory and find a moment in which you realised you had just completed a task or finished writing an email, or you ended a presentation without feeling you had put in any effort at all. The moment BEFORE that realisation is your Flow State.

It feels great, right?


Studies from a Hungarian researcher have found that by identifying, developing personal characteristics and finding activities and environments that are beneficial to and help increase the experience of flow, we may be able to perform better, and overall feel happier in the workplace.

In this Masterclass I will guide you through how to do just that for yourself.


What you'll learn:

  1. Why the Flow State is important.

  2. How to recognise when you are in your Personal Flow State.

  3. What actions are best for you to activate your Flow State.

  4. Three Easy ways to activate your Flow State.

Join in and find out for yourself!

FREE Masterclass on Monday August 30th at 7 PM BST (GMT+1)

Who is Kiona?


Kiona van Griensven was born and raised in the Netherlands, and she's lived in London since 2015She's 32 years old and has spent over 13 years working in an office. 7 out of those 13 years were spent in 's-Hertogenbosch, the other 6 in London. She has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly!

Her plans to study didn't quite work out as planned due to some health issues, and so she has been working full-time from the age of 18. Knowing she had to find a way to get a degree, she decided to take on studying on Saturdays and Mondays.

Through her commitment she managed to acquire a certificate for Project Management and a diploma for Event Management by studying part-time, and on top of that was also promoted to manage a team of two at the age of 22!

She's on a mission to help young professionals (re)align their life to their personal desires, so that they never (again) have to wonder whether they're on the right path, feel like they're suffocating in a cloud of expectations, and they can start living life in full flow instead.


She was well on her way setting a solid foundation to become a Strategic Account Manager when it hit her. This wasn't what she had dreamed of for herself AT ALL. So she had to ask herself; How in the world did she end up here?


Eventually she realised she had accepted the notion that there was only one path to follow up the corporate ladder. And she had to admit to herself that she had submitted to taking the standardised path that had been laid out.

She had let her judgement get clouded by outside influences. More specifically, by how she felt about the man she had started dating in her office, rather than judging from her own values and desires.


When things ended with him, and she was able to think for herself again, she felt disconnected, ashamed and alone. She had lost sight of what she wanted to get out of life here on earth and didn't feel like she could talk to anyone about it out of fear that she'd be judged for it. She couldn't see a way out through the clouds of expectation.

With the introduction of Coaching into her life, she has been able to learn why she was feeling these emotions, how she can manage her thoughts, follow her intuition and choose her own path, indepent of what anyone else does or thinks of it.

Through her market research she also learned that she is not the only one who has felt like this in the workplace and that there is still a huge stigma around dating in the workplace.

With that knowledge, she decided it was time to make a difference and support anyone who has ever felt alone, ashamed, frustrated, disconnected and lost in their career due to outside circumstances. Whether that's because of a romantic relationship or not.
Now, she's a Certified, ICF accredited Life Coach, coaching full-time and helping others in a similar position reconnect with themselves again too!


Her goal is to help as many people as possible to reconnect with their Personal Values, Manage Interpersonal Relationships and Build a Foundation of Boundaries to support them in the Workplace going forward!

Is that you? Get in touch now and build a better future.