Release your Past,
Empower your Soul

Wednesday October 13th
8 PM UK | 3 PM EST | 4 AM AEST


Release your Past, Empower your Soul is a 90-minute Online Masterclass designed to help you create space and feel into the most empowered version of you right now.

If you've been pushing away your past experiences, you've been going about it all wrong..

Learn how to heal first, create space to receive more of what you want, and show up as the person you WANT to be every single day.

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Why Register?

Because you want to..

..experience a new way of releasing your past FIRST,


..create space for more of what you want SECOND.

..learn how to forgive FIRST,


..start living from a place of gratitude & love SECOND.

..learn from your past experiences FIRST,


..use those lessons to grow SECOND.

This is the Masterclass for you!


Viv R.

I am so thankful for my coaching session with Kiona today. I found it helped me to see where I was lacking support and I was putting pressure on myself. I appreciate being given the space to feel into what came up for me in the session. I believe this helped to open my eyes to what is really true for me. After the session, I felt totally at ease and looked forward to implementing some of the action steps talked about in our session. Kiona's presence made the whole experience an enjoyable one.


Thank you so much

Viv Richards

Sofie S.

I've had the pleasure to be coached by Kiona which was very powerful and transformative. I've gained a deep understanding of the root cause to my fear of running group coaching. Discovering the root cause was a very powerful experience, and makes it now possible for me to transform my belief and show compassion to myself in future situations. Kiona is a very talented coach and she was so on point with the questions she asked me. I felt super safe and comfortable with her and I've learned so much about myself in just one session. A very powerful and transformational experience! I warmly recommend Kiona as a coach.

Keila C.

Working with coach Kiona in one word is a breakthrough, I was able to gain so much clarity, the bonus was to be able to overcome the limiting belief that I had for a very long time. I was stuck, doubted my capabilities and Kiona helped me recognize that I had all it takes to bring my work to the table.

What I love about the session was the fact that she opened up a safe space, where I felt trust.

I would recommend her work. If you are struggling in your career, Kiona is the best person to connect with and you won't regret it.

Thank you Kiona you are a blessing.


Is it for you?

This Masterclass is for..
..anyone who is currently feeling held back by a past experience
..anyone finding themselves stuck in an endless loop of disappointment
..anyone who feels called to putting their energy to use to help themselves release negativity
..anyone who believes that together we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to
..anyone who wants to step up and say "YES!" to themselves
..and anyone who just feels curious about the experience of energetic exchange

What do you get?

​During the session you will be given the tools to identify what your values are and whether you have been honouring them.
You will be guided into a meditative state to access the subsconsious mind.
After which you will be led through an EFT tapping exercise to help you release whatever you need to release.

After the session you will be given access to the replay for 7 days
and BONUS, you will receive the recording of the meditation to use as many times as you want!​​

And remember...The session will be held on zoom, in a space where you can feel safe to let go of what no longer serves you.

Releasing your Painful Past is like lifting an Elephant off your Shoulders. You get to Breath Again.

Releasing from my painful past experiences, and healing the wounds that were left by those past experiences has been a transformational process for me. And it will be for you too!

During this session you get to let go of beliefs that have served you in the past, and create space to adopt beliefs that are going to serve you in the present and future.

I can’t wait to dive into the flow, and into the pure energestic shifts of this experience with you. 

Join me in this safe space for an hour on the 13th of October 2021!

Are you In?