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2022 Intuitive Manifestation Workshop
Jan 11th & 12th

through value-based and soul-aligned goal and intention setting.

Join me for this 2-day workshop, in which I will reveal my revolutionary method to set and achieve your goals & intentions in 2022.

Sick and tired of setting goal after goal, one New Year's resolution after another, without result?

You deserve to live the life you desire!

Sign up now, or read on below.

In this Masterclass for ambitious women, you’ll:

Figure out EXACTLY what you want to achieve in the coming year.

Always know you’re on the right path by setting clear milestones.

Stay motivated throughout the year by getting clear on your intentions.

Be ready for the times when the sh** hits the fan with carefully thought out “detour plan”.

Get so clear on your vision of success that you can physically ‘FEEL’ it in your body.

Identify and work through the blocks that could stop you in your tracks.

I could go on and on about how this Masterclass could help you, and I'm sure you’d just sigh and say; “OK, Kiona. That’s all well and good but even when I do set goals, I can never stick to them”​

And I'd say; "You're right, my love!"

I understand, because I've been there. It's because you haven't been using the right method.

So instead of trying to convince you that this Masterclass can help you…


I’ll let my clients do the talking:

Sandra says; “Kiona helped me to realise what I truly want and support me in finding out my goals and desires. Having clarity made it so much easier to focus on my actions!”

Krystal says; “I know myself pretty well but by the end of the first session I had discovered something holding me back that was so deeply rooted in my mind I didn’t even know it was affecting me”

Here's how to join me..

  1. Submit your details in the form to the right.

  2. Whitelist so you don't miss out on any important information.

  3. Check your inbox and spam folder for a link to access the Workshop on the day. 

  4. Add to your calendar so you don't miss out.


What to expect..

Day 1

Tuning into your values - helping you identity what you truly desire based on your personal values.

Setting goals - Setting goals to align with your true desires.

Setting intentions - Helping you back up the goal by understanding why you want to reach it.


Day 2

Envisioning - uncovering what blocks you might come up against before they happen, so you can prepare yourself

Embodying - creating a new identity for you to adopt, so you can become the version of you who has already achieved your goals.

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I was going to charge £47 for this Workshop but on the day I decided, I had 999 followers on Instagram... 


So there you have it…


Get all of this for just £9.99

*Both sessions will take place at 7 PM GMT | 2 PM EST | 5 AM AEST

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Who is Kiona van Griensven?

Kiona is an ICF & NLP accredited Life coach, helping women connect to their intuition, show up authentically for their business/career & filter out the noise.


After 13 years of working in offices and feeling like she didn't belong on many occasions, she decided to dedicate her life to helping women achieve the life they desire in flow, by tuning into their personal values, identifying & transforming blocks, and recalibrating limiting patterns.


"I've been mentoring and coaching for many years and have always loved supporting and empowering the women around me. It wasn't until the pandemic hit that I felt the urge to explore this avenue further. Fast forward 18 months and I'm coaching full time and helping women transform their lives every single day."

"Are you ready to feel, act like, and embody all that you desire to be?"

- Kiona

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One more thing..


You have been feeling unfulfilled in your career or life (or maybe both!).

You're lost for new ideas on how to reach your goals and live in satisfaction.

You've been feeling upset and frustrated about not being where you expected to be in life.


You feel like you have to struggle to get ahead in you business or career.

You've started to doubt yourself or feel indifferent about your current career/business, yet unclear about what else you could do.

You've been sacrificing your goals to accommodate the people around you.

You're in good hands!

This workshop will help you move past ALL of these feelings!

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