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Kiona van Griensven - Inspirational Speaker


Kiona is a corporate wellbeing expert who delivers highly engaging presentations that challenge audiences their values and focus on what matters most at work and in life. Audiences love her practical strategies they can apply personally and professionally. Meeting planners love working with Kiona, often describing her as the curiosity sparker at their events.

With an unconventional education path of part-time studies in Project Management and Event Management, and spending the other part of her time working in coaporate environments, Kiona gathered a plethora of knowledge, expertise and experience by the age of 33(!).


Factor in the Corporate Wellbeing Coaching course she're currently taking and you’ve got the best possible mix of knowledge and expertise to help employees feel happier at work.

Her strong background working for corporate organisations, start-ups and resellers where she occupied roles in customer care, individual sales and management make her the perfect fit, and at the same time very relatable


Organisations hire Kiona because of her implementable strategies that help employees steer away from distractions, prioritise daily objectives and say ‘yes’ to themselves based on their values, so they can focus on reaching their goals and priorities – and their organisation’s goals along with that.

Oh, did we mention that Kiona is Dutch? Why does that matter? Well, it means that she’s not afraid to challenge a thought pattern, is open-minded and stereotypically tall. She also considers herself somewhat of a coffee connoisseur … and a bit of a water nymph.

What are my Options?


Motivational Workshop
±2 hours

An energising and inspirational workshop focused on work-life balance, gaining clarity on personal values, identifying boundaries, and creating a rock-solid mindset can improve employee wellbeing.


This quality time spent together is an incredibly important stepping stone to helping employees feel happier at work, and be more engaged in the workplace, whether office-based, hybrid or remote.
Let your employees leave feeling heard, appreciated and uplifted, knowing that they’re not alone and there’s help and support available to them if they want it.

What will be covered;

Personal values - how to really identify your core values and find connection with others based on those values + optional exercise to do so.

Boundaries - how to not only start saying YES to ourselves more, but also accept others saying YES to themselves.
Mindset – techniques to becoming more mindful and maintaining a mindset for happiness and success in the workplace


Inspirational Talk
30-60 minutes

An inspirational talk focused on how building habits for a better work-life balance and gaining clarity on personal values can improve employee wellbeing.

This talk touches upon the most important stepping stone of feeling happier at work and helping employees become more engaged in the workplace, whether office-based, hybrid or remote.

As with the Motivational Workshop, this talk will leave your employees feeling heard, appreciated and uplifted, knowing they’re not alone, and there’s help and support available to them if they want it.

What will be covered;

Personal values - how to really identify your core values + optional exercise to do so.

If you resonated with anything you read above, you KNOW your employees will resonate with it too.
And what better way to show appreciation, support your teams, and help unlift the mood in your organisation, than by letting them find joy within themselves and their work again?

Not quite convinced yet?

Take a look at what others are saying about these powerful offerings.

Kiona spoke at our Coco Event in London. It was the first time I’d heard her speak on the topic of aligning core values. I was impressed! Kiona is an engagement storyteller and left us with actionable steps to implement into our daily experience. I felt a sense of relief hearing her talk!

Jess Barnett - Coco Club London

We selected Kiona as our speaker because she's a former colleague and she knows the organisation well.

She helped us to hold an hour of space for personal focus in turbulent business times.

Her presentation was very well prepared, nice to listen to and to the point. The exercise she did to tune into our personal values will continue to have impact on our employees as a reminder that much is in their own power to make change happen. This is also the part that had the most impact on me.

Looking at both the content and how she conducts the presentation, it is clear Kiona knows what she talks about and brings the message in a very structured manner.

I liked the way Kiona performs both voice as stage performance, it kept me focusing on the content.

Brigitte Broeren - TE Connectivity Nederland

Kiona spoke at an event for me and was absolutely phenomenal! She had everyone in the palm of her hands! It was an intimate group, and she matched the environment perfectly with personal stories that had the most uplifting and motivational endings.
She also attracted a great crowd of her own to the event, which was exactly what we wanted. Couldn’t recommend her more!

Hayley Maybury

We've been through a lot these past 2-3 years, and now more than ever employees feel disconnected from themselves and the world around them. As a result of the pandemic, the world is now dealing with languish, anxiety, and stress. And when we don't feel good inside, we cannot be at our best in work, or any other area of our lives for that matter.

Book Talk/Workshop

Looking for Corporate Sponsored Wellbeing Coaching instead? Reach out to me now via the link below!

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