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Carefully designed to help you Identify your Personal Core Values, develop a Rock-Solid Mindset, establish and maintain healthy Boundaries, assess your Communication Style and lay out the Foundational Blueprint for your Success.

Something that always comes up with my clients is the feeling of self-doubt, fear of the unknown and resistance to what's possible.

We often believe we're not worthy, not capable and not enough.

Be that of living the life we dream of, doing a good job at whatever role we want to take on next, negotiating our salary, or even communicating our values to the people we love and spend most of our time with.

This programme will help you work through those thought patterns and guide you through creating new ones that will support you through any challenge.

Includes 4 private coaching sessions & 4 self-study course modules which will support you throughout the process!

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You've come to the right address if you..

.. feel out of place and disconnected from your reality.

.. feel like you've hit a plateau of some sort.

.. have given into taking the beaten path.

.. don't feel like you're in the right place right now.

.. crave personal growth.

.. aren't sure where to go from here.

And you want to..


​.. reconnect with yourself.

.. live up to your true potential.

.. start living the life you've always dreamed of.

.. unlock the door to real happiness.

.. live the life you truly deserve.

.. let go of uncertainty and confusion about what you're meant to be doing.

.. and are ready to stop wondering "What if?"

What others are saying..
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Mary-Ann Carmichael

I was lucky to find Kiona'a program at a time when I was feeling really stuck in my life.

The program itself was helpful in helping me clarify where I wanted to go next but what was most helpful was the weekly session with Kiona herself.

She really helped me to gain some clarity on what it was that I really wanted. She asked the right questions and challenged me to explore things I wasn't necessarily comfortable doing..


Things are moving forward in my life now and I'm really grateful for Kiona's help - thank you!


Nadine Tewfik-Saad

Working through the Life Lift programme felt like coming home. It reminded me to let go of my attachment to outcomes, and to stop pushing for progress.

Before I started working with Kiona I was feeling anxious. I was in the early stages of starting up my coaching and RTT business and wanted to keep pushing ahead and get things done.


Now, I am ready to launch my website and have gotten deeper clarity on the essence of my business, but genuinely feel so much better about it all. The programme helped me to reprioritise my wellness and growth and to let the work on my business flow from this space.

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Ready to uncover your new identity and live in flow?

The Coaching Modules


As part of this programme, you receive access to 4 modules to self-study.


A new module will be released every week, I recommend that you go through a module per week, then bring your questions to our coaching session & together we'll work through what has come up. This will help you work through whatever comes up as it happens, and it's a very powerful way of addressing deeper underlying beliefs!


And best of all, you will have access these modules forever, and when I add or update any of the modules, you'll have access to these too!


Below is an outline of each module:

Module 1


Before we dive into the deep end, you'll start prepping your mind for the work you're about to embark on.

The tools and resources provided in this Module are going to help you do just that.

Module 2


This is where we're going to uncover WHY you want what you want! When you have a powerful 'Why' you have a steady baseline and handles to grab onto when you feel a little off-balance.

Module 3

Fears & Blocks


You'll identify your subconscious fears & limiting beliefs, so you can let go of values & beliefs that no longer serve you, and accept what has ultimately been keeping you from making your dreams a reality.

Module 4

Forgiveness & Gratitude


When it comes to moving forward and fully letting go of what holds you back right now, these are the two key elements that require your attention and action.

Module 5

Healthy Boundaries


Identify what boundaries are required to help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself, so you can focus on strengthening your self-worth, the love you get to have for all that you are, and all that you choose to be.

Module 6

Your new Identity

Time to bring together all that you've uncovered in the previous modules and say 'YES' to your new identity.

This is where you bring together the new version of you who has already achieved all that she desires.

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Let's Find that FLOW!

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