Achieve in Flow


You know that Exceptionally Successful Woman you've always Dreamed of Becoming?

It's time for you to meet her, don't you think?

This programme is based on THE secret formula you need to start achieving in flow!

Not only will you re-align to your intuition, you will also uncover every block and limiting belief that is currently keeping you from achieving your desires.
When you've completed this programme, you will never again have to wonder whether you're on the right path or feel like you're suffocating in a cloud of expectation, because you know you can trust and fully rely on yourself to make the right decisions.

This life-changing program isn't for the faint of heart.


This programme is designed for people like you who are ready to throw the rule-book out the window, people who are open to the possibility of happiness, and people who aren't afraid to climb a few hills along the way.

​  The proven method has you..

  • ..working through beliefs that have been holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

  • ..creating space for huge mindset shifts to take place.

  • ..and releasing yourself from the heaviness of expectation.

  • Once the basis has been set, you'll have activated a powerful blueprint of empowering beliefs, aligned habits, and a new paths to the life you dream of, all while utilising your personal state of flow!

  Because you..

  • ..want to get more out of life, but don't know what, or where to start.​

  • ..believe in yourself, but feel lost on what to do next.

  • ..know self-love is the key to a happy life, but have lost your sense of self-worth.

  • ..know there's more you can accomplish, but sometimes feel doubtful of your capabilities.

  • ..have always been able to make it on your own, but realise opening up for help may get you there more easily and quickly.

  • ..know failure is just a stepping stone, but feel you can use some encouragement to get out of the slump and up on that mountain of success!

If you're saying "YES, that's me!", to ANY of these statements, then this is your sign to stop waiting around for things to happen, and let's meet your new identity!!

Fill out the form and hit that pretty button below to submit your application!

Once received, I'll reach out to make sure we're a good fit!

*Between you and me, I used to be all of the above! ;-)

I was lucky to find Kiona'a program at a time when I was feeling really stuck in my life.

The program itself was helpful in helping me clarify where I wanted to go next but what was most helpful was the weekly session with Kiona herself. She really helped me to gain some clarity on what it was that I really wanted. She asked the right questions and challenged me to explore things I wasn't necessarily comfortable doing..

Things are moving forward in my life now and I'm really grateful for Kiona's help - thank you!

Mary-Ann Carmichael

Working with coach Kiona in one word is a breakthrough, I was able to gain so much clarity, the bonus was to be able to overcome the limiting belief that I had for a very long time. I was stuck, doubted my capabilities and Kiona helped me recognize that I had all it takes to bring my work to the table.


What I love about the sessions was the fact that she opened up a safe space, where I felt trust.

I would recommend her work. If you are struggling in your career, Kiona is the best person to connect with and you won't regret it.

Thank you Kiona you are a blessing.


Love & Light.

Keila Cravid

Module 1


Before we dive into the deep work, you'll clear out and prepare your mind for the work you're about to embark on, so that you can fully absorb what you're about to learn.

These tools and resources are going to help you do just that.

Module 2


This is where we're going to uncover WHY you want what you want!
When you have a powerful 'Why' you have a steady baseline and handles to grab onto when you're feeling a little off-balance.

Module 3


Once you've gained clarity on why you want what you want, you'll tune into moment from your past in which those values weren't honoured, so you can learn from these experiences.

Module 7


Before we dive into the deep end, you'll start prepping your mind for the work you're about to embark on.

These tools and resources are going to help you do just that.

Module 8


This is where we're going to uncover WHY you want what you want! When you have a powerful 'Why' you have a steady baseline and handles to grab onto when you're feeling a little off-balance.

Module 9

Fears & Blocks


You'll identify your subconscious fears & limiting beliefs, so you can let go of values that no longer serve you, and accept what has ultimately been keeping you from making your dreams a reality.

Module 4

Forgiveness & Gratitude


When it comes to moving forward and fully letting go of what holds you back right now, there are two key elements that require your attention.

Module 5

Healthy Boundaries


Identifying the boundaries that are important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself, so you can focus on strengthening your self-worth and the love you get to have for all that you are, and all that you choose to be.

Module 6

Your new Identity

Time to bring together all that you've uncovered in the previous modules and say 'YES' to yoiur new identity.

The new version of you who has already achieved all that she desires.

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