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Digital Nomad Mastery


Tired of feeling frustrated for not living the life you want to live, your way?

Fed up with feeling scared to start on your Digital Nomad journey?

Overwhelmed with all the information on the web?

No more!

You're ready to achieve your dream of location-independent living.


Discover the life-changing power of Digital Nomad Mastery's group coaching programme and start your new life within the space of 6-month!

Welcome to Digital Nomad Mastery, the ultimate programme for female entrepreneurs and remote workers who want to achieve location-independent success and well-being at work & in business!

Designed to provide you with the skills, strategies, and support you need to embark on an exciting journey of location-independent living. As a member of our community, you'll receive bi-weekly group coaching sessions, personal access to me through Voxer, and monthly guest speakers to inspire and motivate you.

Whether you're just starting your digital nomad journey or looking to take your business to the next level, we've got you covered. Our programme focuses not only on practical tips for starting a digital nomad lifestyle but also on cultivating your inner wellbeing and self-care practices to support your success.

By the end of the 6 months, you'll have the skills and confidence you need to live a life of freedom, adventure, and fulfillment. So don't wait any longer, claim your spot in Digital Nomad Mastery today and take the first step towards achieving your dreams of location-independent success

 I see you, you're thinking..

  • "It's too risky to leave my stable life."

  • "What if it doesn't work out?"

  • "I don't have the skills or knowledge to be a digital nomad."

  • "I'm not sure where to start, and it all seems overwhelming."

  • "I'm too busy with my current job and responsibilities."

  • "I'm afraid of the unknown and what might happen if I make a change."

  • "I don't have the support or encouragement I need to pursue and maintain this lifestyle."

  • "I've never even travelled solo, it would make me feel so lonely."

You're right!
It will be, it is, and you will.

 What if instead, you were thinking..

  • "I am capable of achieving my dream of location-independent living."

  • "I am willing to take risks and step out of my comfort zone."

  • "I believe in myself and my abilities to create a successful digital nomad lifestyle."

  • "I am excited to learn new skills and strategies that will help me achieve my goals."

  • "I am committed to my personal growth and wellbeing as well as my professional success."

  • "I am open to connecting with other like-minded individuals and building a supportive community."

  • "I am ready to take action and make my dream a reality."

You're right!
It will be, it is, and you will.

Which one of these two people are you choosing to be?

If it's the latter, you've come to the right place!

Throughout the programme, we'll cover a wide range of topics including;​

Module 1

Find Your Nomad Flow;

You'll focus on finding your flow by defining your goals and priorities as a digital nomad, the first step in becoming a digital nomad. Through this process, you'll research potential destinations and brainstorm ideas for generating income while travelling, so you can get into the flow of nomad life.
With my guidance, you'll be able to identify your goals and motivations for pursuing this lifestyle, and create a personalised plan to achieve them. 

Module 2

​Lighten your Lifestyle;

I encourage you to focus on experiences and relationships rather than material possessions. You'll declutter your possessions, downsize to a minimalist lifestyle, and build a portable remote work setup that allows you to flow seamlessly.
You're designing a life that suits your needs and values. This step includes planning your travel itinerary, finding accommodation, start building a community of like-minded individuals, and practising self-care to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Module 4

On the Road;

Take the leap and begin your digital nomad journey!

In this step you'll actually leave for your first destination, while staying connected to a supportive community, available for you as you adapt to new challenges, and enjoy the freedom and adventure of life on the road as you flow through your travels.

The DNM community of like-minded individuals provides invaluable support, networking, and friendship.

Module 3

World of Wealth;

Achieving financial stability is crucial for living a fulfilling digital nomad lifestyle. The World of Wealth step involves setting yourself up as a freelancer, identifying possible topics for online courses, and diversifying your income streams to sustain your travels and maintain your standard of living.

You can enjoy the freedom and adventure of the digital nomad lifestyle without compromising on financial stability!

I have had a great experience working with Kiona.

She helped me when I wanted to change my career and the direction my life was going in. I didn't know how to proceed or if I could do it.


Kiona gave me confidence and helped me understand that most of the thoughts and fears I had of not succeeding, were the blocks I had to overcome.

Her methods helped me to overcome these feelings.


Djoni van Zanten

Working with coach Kiona in one word is a breakthrough, I was able to gain so much clarity, the bonus was to be able to overcome the limiting belief that I had for a very long time. I was stuck, doubted my capabilities and Kiona helped me recognize that I had all it takes to bring my work to the table.


What I love about the sessions was the fact that she opened up a safe space, where I felt trust.

I would recommend her work. If you are struggling in your career, Kiona is the best person to connect with and you won't regret it.

Thank you Kiona you are a blessing.


Love & Light.

Keila Cravid

What's included in the Digital Nomad Mastery Coaching Programme?

  1. Group Coaching Calls: You'll benefit from group coaching calls where you'll connect with other digital nomads and receive valuable insights from me as your coach. These calls are an excellent opportunity to network, learn from others, and stay motivated throughout the programme.

  2. Skill Building Workshops: To help you succeed as a digital nomad, you'll be provided with the tools and knowledge you need. Our skill-building workshops will cover topics such as grounding yourself in new places, identifying the right locations for you to thrive in, setting up a freelancer profile, uncovering top skills for online courses, productivity tools, and more.

  3. Mindset and Wellness Practices: A digital nomad lifestyle can be challenging, and it's crucial to prioritise your mental and physical wellbeing. Our programme includes mindfulness practices, self-care tips, and strategies to help you stay motivated and resilient on your journey.

  4. Exclusive Access to Resources: You'll receive exclusive access to our resources, including guides, templates, and worksheets to support your progress. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to our online community of digital nomads, where you can connect with others, share your experiences, and ask for advice.

The programme is designed to help you achieve success on your digital nomad journey while maintaining your overall wellbeing. I believe that by focusing on both practical skills and personal growth, you'll be better equipped to create a fulfilling and sustainable location-independent lifestyle.

Join Digital Nomad Mastery today and start living life on your terms.


How can a group coaching programme help me become location-independent?

A group coaching programme can provide you with the support, guidance, and accountability you need to achieve your goal of location-independence. With the help of an experienced coach and a community of like-minded individuals, you can learn the necessary skills, strategies, and mindset to work remotely and travel the world. Through group coaching sessions, personalised support on Voxer, and access to guest speakers, you'll receive the tools and resources to help you succeed.

What kind of topics will be covered?


The Digital Nomad Mastery programme covers a wide range of topics related to location-independent living. This includes: setting intentions, identifying and creating multiple streams of income, embracing minimalism, cultivating self-care practices, staying productive and focused while working remotely, and connecting with other digital nomads.
We also bring in monthly guest speakers to provide additional insights and inspiration.

What kind of support will I receive as a member?


As a member of the Digital Nomad Mastery group coaching programme, you'll receive personalised support to help you achieve your goals. You'll have access to group coaching sessions every other week, where you can ask questions, share insights, and receive feedback.
You'll also have access to me on Voxer through group-chat and myself personally throughout the duration of the programme to ask any questions that come up along the way.
Additionally, you'll be able to access all resources and tools to help you stay on track, stay motivated, and stay connected with other digital nomads in the community.

The Investment & Enrolment



Are you ready to be ready?



*Prices in £GBP

I am beyond excited to support you on your nomad journey and see where you end up!
Who knows, maybe we'll even run into each other along the way ;)

For that 200% commitment feeling

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