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FREE Masterclass

Reconnect to your

We’re halfway through 2023 and it’s that time of year again!

How are you tracking against the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

Are your taking inspired action with your intentions in mind?

Are you still working towards what you desire?


Or have you (like so many of us!) lost sight of what you set out to do this year and gone on an off-road trip?

Let’s find out!

Join me for this Masterclass where I'll help you reconnect to your values, realign to your goals, and reaffirm your intentions for this beautiful life you get to live.


Wherever you find yourself right now, at the end of this Masterclass you will be exactly where you’re meant to be.

There’s no better place!

Who is Kiona van Griensven?

Meet Kiona van Griensven, a Workplace Wellbeing Coach and Digital Nomad specialist, passionate about empowering individuals to thrive in their professional and personal lives. With expertise in workplace wellbeing, growth mindset, and diversifying income, Kiona helps individuals cultivate resilience and balance in the modern work environment.

Through engaging keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions, Kiona guides individuals and teams in achieving optimal work-life balance, embracing mindfulness, and managing stress. She specialises in fostering a growth mindset, budgeting strategies, and grounding techniques that enhance overall wellbeing at work.

As a dedicated advocate for workplace wellbeing, Kiona believes in the power of community building and the importance of individual wellbeing in the workplace. With a focus on personal values, she inspires individuals to embrace their true potential, both professionally and as digital nomads.

Connect with Kiona today and explore how she can support your organisation in creating a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace. Together, you can navigate the path to wellbeing, success, and the freedom of a digital nomad lifestyle.



I wanted to share with you a book that has been truly transformative for me: "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. This book has offered me profound insights on personal transformation, awakening to your true self, and living a more fulfilling life. It has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my thoughts, emotions, and the power of presence in every moment, and ultimately, it led me to where I am today.


"A New Earth" invites you to explore the concept of ego and its impact on our lives, and provides practical guidance on how to break free from its grip. Tolle's wisdom and teachings have the potential to create a profound shift in your perspective, helping you to navigate challenges, find inner peace, and live authentically.

Click on the title to explore "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle further.

Now, imagine combining the wisdom from this book with the insights and guidance you'll receive in the Masterclass. It's a powerful combination that can truly accelerate your personal growth and transformation!

You don't want to miss this!

See you there!

How are you?

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