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Achieve your Desired Life
with the Ease and Flow of Intuition

Fulfilment is only one decision away..


Have you been searching for a soul-centred guide to help you practice self-love, and authentically achieve your desired career & life goals, with ease and in flow?

Look no further! That's exactly what I've helped my clients do!


My clients have described me as inspirational, empowering & intuitive.

I'm on a mission to help women feel more empowered, working a job they love, and living life in full intuitive flow.

Have you been wondering where to go next? Start your journey today.

Are you ready to take go further?



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6-Week Private

Coaching Programme

Your Personalised Confidence Boost!

If you have a pretty good idea of where you want to go and you'd like some support to help you get there faster, then this is the programme for you!

12-Week Private

Coaching Programme

My signature programme.

This programme extends into helping you gain clarity on your deepest desires, identify any blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living your desired life, and transform those blocks and beliefs so you can step into your new identity and live the life you've always dreamed of living.


Like the 'Find your Flow' Programme, it will also help you Identify your Personal Core Values, develop a Rock-Solid Mindset, establish and maintain healthy Boundaries, assess your Communication Style and lay out the Foundational Blueprint for your Success.

24-Week Group

Coaching Programme

The ultimate upgrade to your Dream Life!

A Mastermind programme including ALL of the value of my the other two programmes.


Group coaching calls


A community filled with supportive women who are on the same journey, supporting and inspiring each other during the course of those 24 weeks you spend together.

Groups no bigger than 10.

What My Clients Are Saying

I have been coached by Kiona for the past year now and have found it a very valuable experience. Not only can we talk about specific career and sales related topics but also about very personal challenges.

For me, speaking with Kiona means releasing in a safe space. I highly appreciate her stimulating questions and positive outlook during our conversations. More than that, Kiona’s continuous encouragement and support were certainly also a crucial factor for my recent promotion!

Gabriela Weingartner
London, UK 

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Kiona has an amazing presence and a kind heart. I rarely open up, and I felt safe straight away around her. She's an amazing active listener (a rare skill) and provides questions and activities that allowed me to understand myself more, and improve my mindset. My sessions with her every week are the highlight of my week. I can't recommend her enough!

A.J. Merlin
London, UK


I recently started coaching sessions with Kiona and they are great. I felt like I can easily open up, am heard and am being given many ways and tools to ensure I achieve the goals I set myself and overcome any fears standing in the way of my success. The coaching approach is a structured one where the sessions have a smooth flow and after each session I had a clear sense of accomplishment.I warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve an aspect of their life.

Sarah Ngem,

Sarah Ngem.jpg

Kiona is a great coach! She helped me to realise what I truly want and support me in finding out my goals and desires. Having clarity made it so much easier for me to focus on my actions! She also helped me to uncover my thought patterns and limiting beliefs around being confident. It all started to come together and made sense to me. So grateful for her guidance and support!

Sandra Marciniak

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