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"That's How it has Always been Done Here.."

Ever heard a statement like; "That's the path of progression everyone takes in this organisation".

Decided to stay in a job because; "My time will come".

Or settled for what you're getting at your current job, even though is doesn't live up to your goals and dreams?

Yeah, me too!

I've experiences every single one. There used to be a mix of frustration, anger, annoyance & disappointment around it. Eventually I reached a point where self-doubt would slowly creep in, to the point that I almost gave up on my desires.

This has happened a few times over the years. I'd be told my expectations were too high, I needed to have more patience, and things weren't always going to go my way. I had to just accept it. And the cherry on top; "Your time will come!"


And then I decided I'd had enough and instead started my own business 🤍

I now get to:

1. Do everything I'm good at, without looking for validation.

2. Choose my own hours.

3. Love my job.

4. Make decisions on a whim, by following my intuition.

The only reason it took me this long to get here is because over the years I had slowly allowed my jobs and roles to suck the life and passion out of me. I'd developed a mindset of unworthiness, and so deep down I didn't believe I was capable of reaching my goals.

Sound familiar?

If it does, let me support you.

Whether you want to move organisations, change roles, or start your own business.

DM me FREE for a free 30-minute Breakthrough Call now!

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